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Monday Workplace News Round-up

Happy Monday! Here are some headlines catching my eye today:

Does emergency-chute-deploying flight attendant Steven Slater want his job back or is he going Hollywood?

An Apple manager is accused of taking more than $1 million in kickbacks.

A big oilfield is discovered in northern Afghanistan.

U.S. troops are saying "don't bother" to a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" survey due this weekend.

A new survey finds Baby Boomers's main retirement income will be Social Security.

Speaking of Social Security, the Social Security Administration turned 75 over the weekend.

Gen Xers have a thing for online retirement planning.

Is Australia about to party like it's 1999?

Case in point: Australian workers under age 30 could be offered $2,500 for keeping a job for a year and $4,000 if they stay for two years. No, really.

The carrot cake at Rikers Island is so freaking awesome it gets a write-up in The New York Times.

Big companies tell their business traveling employees to lose the extra leg room and hot towels. They'll still get peanuts, though.

Small companies are spying on employees' keyboards.

Did a CEO say a (now ex) employee's fetus created "negative energy" in the office?

Foxconn is hiring 200,000 workers for its new factory in China. No word on whether anti-jump nets will be installed.

Employees in California might have the munchies in a big way soon, dude.

An employee dies at work and his 5,000 co-workers revolt by throwing chairs and garbage for seven hours.

OSHA is celebrating the big 4-0 and it's not willing to take companies' crap anymore.

The United Auto Workers say "oh, hell no!" to GM's contract offer.

IT workers hate their jobs. Well, that's what happens when you take away the cake.

Fired Chinese bank employees are protesting.

If it's Monday it must be time to announce another Blackberry overtime lawsuit.

Women who make a lot of money are more likely to be cheated on by their partners.

Netflix employees get away from the flicks to get their kicks.

KFC franchisees are in open revolt over the "F" word. Btw, I went through a Taco Bell/KFC drive-thru the other day. $32 for a bucket of chicken and a few sides?? Really, KFC?

The Republicans will unveil a "Commitment With America" economic plan in late September. Hmm, I wonder if it will look just like this.

Only children aren't loner weirdos, okay?

Speaking of loner weirdos, the land of my ancestors ranks as the "best country in the world" according to a new survey. Viva, Suomi!

A new eHarmony study reports 542 people get married every damn day and they're less likely to meet their spouse at work. Wow, I wonder why.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer celebrates 15 years of hogging space on everyone's computers.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks becomes a columnist for a Swedish newspaper.

What? No way. Where has the time gone? Really? Oh God, now I feel old.

A former employee with MS is getting her lawsuit on against Oprah.

A Chinese fireworks plant goes up like, well, fireworks.

A North Carolina woman poses as a parking lot attendant, bilks money out of drivers and then disappears.

A new study tells applicants not to drink alcohol during a job interview. No, wait until afterward when the company never gets back to you.

Convicted felons in Maine are easing back into the job scene by doing temp work.

Laid-off employees are leaving Starbucks to hang out at the local library.

The U.S. DOL's Mine Safety and Health Administration gives mine companies new ventilation rules to follow.

The Men's Warehouse is looking for employed people willing to donate gently-used suits the jobless can use for interviews. Nice.

Some job applicants are being dropped into an Avatar-like virtual reality to assess their personality and problem-solving skills. I wonder if they're being sprayed with blue body paint, too.


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