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Monday Workplace News Round-up

Happy Monday! Here are some headlines catching my eye today:

A Right Management study finds women are more likely than men to suggest changes in the workplace.

One in 20 people has been fired for hitting "reply all."

The good news? 33 Chilean miners have been found alive in a collapsed mine. The bad news? It will take four months to rescue them.

Is Germany going to ban employers from checking job applicants' Facebook pages? All signs point to ja.

The EEOC, meanwhile, is looking into employers' use of bad credit reports as a tool for weeding out job applicants.

An ex-Sea World employees reveals the secret life of the aquarium's animal trainers.

Airline passengers would rather deal with a drunken passenger than a surly flight attendant.

Oh great, the Undercover Boss spin-off will be even more cloying than the original series.

Disneyland offers a Muslim employee a compromise: You can wear your Hijab on the job as long as you hide it underneath a big cowboy hat.

A MetLife study finds workers diagnosed with a critical illness will lose at least $12,000 in income the first year they're sick.

A new study finds 20% of Americans spend time playing games on social networking sites and Gen X women are the most likely to be doing it.

A California boss is arrested for...well, just click here.

Employers of the future might want to add a HEARING LOSS BENEFIT to their employment packages. Sorry, I didn't mean to yell!

On-the-job death rates are the lowest in almost 20 years, but that's because no one has a job.

More Texans are dying on the job, though.

South Africa's public sector strike is getting ugly.

IT workers in 2020 will have their heads in the clouds.

A New York City transit employee has been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

10% of British companies will export jobs to avoid a cap on immigration.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce publishes a very controversial blog post.

One in three kids who survived Hurricane Katrina is still suffering from extreme anxiety and behavioral problems five years later.

The FMLA redefines the meaning of "son" and "daughter."

Cal-OSHA clarifies what hot weather means.

And these two redefine the meaning of stupid.

Why are there so many of these studies popping up lately?

The U.S. Department of Transportation wants U.S. teenagers to upload their best distracted driving videos to win a prize. But if they don't have a video, they'll have to make one. Oops.

Tiger and Elin finalize their divorce.

Tonight is the season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Get ready for the big Caroline-Danielle smackdown!

By the way, Tropical Storm Danielle has been upgraded to a hurricane in the Atlantic with winds of 75 MPH.

A 60-mile-long traffic jam in China has been going on for nine days with no end in sight. I'll never complain about traffic again.


  1. "Wow" is pretty much all one can say. Well, "yuck" and "gross" work, too...

  2. I'm just trying (in a non-X-rated way) to figure out how he worked the logistics.

  3. I'd rather not think about it! : )


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