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Tuesday Workplace News Round-up

Here are some headlines catching my eye today:

Wow, just wow. I hope they rehire the guy.

Women working stressful jobs are more prone to heart attacks.

Enjoy that working vacation you'll be taking this year. ranks the top 100 companies for military veterans.

The NLRB fights for employees' right to talk smack about the boss on Facebook and blogs.

The Washington Post runs an article about the disillusionment of Gen X and gets a ton of posts from disillusioned Gen Xers.

The Boomers, meanwhile, enjoy a ever-widening range of senior discounts.

Gen Y prefers cubicles to open workstations. I'm sure they'd also like a job to go along with it.

Picky employers apparently want new hires who are able to do the job without any training. Good luck with that.

Will the U.S. Government go after back taxes owed by federal workers as a way to cut the deficit?

Singer Sebastian Bach gets drunk and bites a bar employee. Well, I hope he left a great tip.

Disney bans employees from texting while driving during work hours.

Dutch mail carriers say, "you've got mail, but I'm not delivering it today."

A federal jury decides a hotel must pay $50,000 for firing a "tomboyish" employee.

200 people show up to apply at a New Jersey restaurant.

A New York University photography professor will have a camera surgically implanted in the back of his head. No cheating!

Speaking of cheating, check out this article from a guy who does students' work for them. In ten years he can help them write up their work reports, too.

Congress gears up to vote again on extending benefits to jobless workers.

The economy pulls the football out from under Charlie Brown's Steakhouse.

Dealing with a problem employee goes better when the manager thinks it through first.

Survey of American and British SMBs finds half prohibit employees use of social media at work.

We have entered the age of the millionaire college president. is hiring more than 2,000 seasonal workers.

Reality show "The Biggest Loser" loads up on 100 "replacement workers" to fill in for striking employees.

Oscar Mayer employees file a class action lawsuit to get paid for time spent putting on and taking off safety equipment. Okay, I can't help myself.

A new survey finds New Yorkers will be living in out of cardboard boxes if the government cuts drastically their Social Security benefits.

Maybe that's part of the reason New Yorkers are binge drinking themselves to death?

The best part of this article? Learning that Finland makes itself deal with its own mess.

Actor Dick Van Dyke is rescued by porpoises after falling asleep on a surfboard, proving that life is indeed stranger than fiction.

It's only Day One and I'm already dreading the Matt Lauer and Barbara Walters specials.


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