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Do You Work With A Bluetooth Headset Wearer?

I was out and about the other day when a total stranger locked eyes with me and asked a question that I promptly answered. But she wasn't talking to me. No, she was talking into a Bluetooth headset that was partially hidden underneath her hair. Damn, I fell for it again.

Yes, I got "bluetoothed." I wish I could say it's the first time I've been had by a Bluetooth headset wearer who seems to be talking directly to me but is simply staring blankly as she chats way too loudly with someone who is far, far away from us. "THE TRAFFIC IS HORRIBLE TODAY, ISN'T IT?" Yes, yes it is -- but don't answer the question, because she isn't talking to you even though she's standing three feet away looking right at you. You'll realize your mistake the minute you respond and she turns her back to walk away without acknowledging you, talking all the while. You talking to me!? Oh, you aren't talking to me. You're wearing one of those weird phone headsets. Wish I hadn't answered your question.

There's just something about being had (yet again) by a Bluetooth headset wearer. Mostly it just makes me feel silly, but it also leaves me with questions. Why do these headset wearers tend to yell-talk? Why do they leave the phone in their ear when they're not talking to anyone? Doesn't it start to hurt after awhile, or make the ear sweaty? Are these people on a quest to look super-important and they think the phone will aid the image? I wear a Bluetooth headset, therefore I am. And why do they have to wave their arms while talking? I've gotten smacked a few times by an errant arm that's trying to reschedule an afternoon meeting. Step right up for your Bluetooth bruise.

Or maybe the Bluetooth wearer is conversing with you but then takes a call without telling you. The problem is, you're still talking about something else and now you're thrown off by the sudden change of topic. Please, just make it stop.

I feel your pain if you work alongside a Bluetooth-wearing co-worker since it has to be annoying at times, if only because you have to listen to this co-worker complain about having another ear infection. Articles talk about proper workplace etiquette for Bluetooth wearers, but why do I suspect some of them don't take the advice?

Headset manufacturers are busy phoning home the hands-free multi-tasking capabilities of these phones, of course. Maybe hands-free phones makes users more productive, but does the same go for their co-workers who are distracted by blinking lights and conversations coming out of nowhere? Hmm.

As with other technologies, I think the main problem isn't the Bluetooth technology itself; it's how we humans are using it. If you're a Bluetooth user, then use some common sense. Keep your speaking voice modulated to an acceptable level. Don't pace back and forth and wave your arms like a wild man. Don't stare blankly at us while talking into your hidden headset, because we might just answer back. If we do answer back, politely acknowledge us with a smile and a small wave of the hand, or by quickly pointing to your ear -- especially if you have long hair and we can't see the phone -- because otherwise you're momentarily confusing the hell out of us and making us feel stupid. It isn't too much to ask. It really isn't.

Bottom line, Bluetooth users: You are not, I repeat NOT, Lt. Uruha from Star Trek. Please stop phoning it in when it comes to proper phone etiquette. Besides, the rest of us won't listen when you tell us you're way too busy to take the phone out of your ear. I wonder what Travis Bickle would say.


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