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Study Finds Managers Think They Can Control Time

I haven't blogged in awhile. Simply put, summer is making me lose sense of time and space. It's a long, confusing story on which I refuse to waste your time. If I were in the C-suite, however, I would feel like I could control time. No, really! There's a new U.C. Berkeley study to back it up. Before we start discussing the study, however, let's cue The Chambers Brothers. I mean come on, it's late July and we're talking about U.C. Berkeley! No other business writer is going to do this for you. Anyway, a Wall Street Journal article tells us about the study, which explored our humanistic perceptions of time. The researchers had more than 550 men and women do some role play and answer various questions concerning their control over the clock. They were asked, for example, if they felt like "time was slipping away" and if they "have a lot of time to get things done" and you know what many of them said? I'm going to tell you what they said:…