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Survey Ranks the World's Most Expensive Coffee Cities

Coffee. It's what makes the modern workforce run. But where can you get the world's most (and least) expensive cup 'o Joe? I know this topic is really perking you up, so let's pour it on!

Online office supply company Service Partner ONE has just released its 2016 Coffee Price Index, which tells us which cities around the world offer the best value for our coffee money. But first, we must cue the soundtrack of our work lives.

How on earth did the researchers create this index? By drinking copious amounts of coffee, I presume. But they also averaged and ranked the cost of four different types of coffee. These include the coffee we get in the office (if we dare); a Grande Latte from Starbucks; a medium cappuccino from an independent coffee shop; and the coffee we brew for ourselves at home. The survey sample included 75 cities from 36 countries.

The World's Most (and Least) Expensive Coffee Cities
So what's the skinny on our skinny latte costs? Let's start by …

When You've Been Invited To A Client's Holiday Party

Its mid-November, and that means the corporate holiday party circuit is here!

Whether it's planning for this year's edition of Secret Santas, buying employee gifts that are actually relevant in the modern era or pulling off a Thanksgiving lunch in the break room, we'll be spending some quality time with our least-favorite co-workers.

But what if you've been invited to a client's holiday party? Ah, now things get interesting! It's not your party, and you can't cry if you want to. You'll have to navigate another company's holiday shindig -- with all of its unspoken third rails, cough -- without putting your foot in your mouth.

It's very nice of the client to invite you, isn't it? They must like you, and what a good feeling that is! Attending a client's holiday festivities can represent a tricky minefield, however, because you will be representing your employer. In fact, you may be the company in your client's eyes if you are their so…

Does Not Compute: How To Survive A Reply-All Email Chain

The presidential election is over, and we wait nervously to see what President-elect Trump will do. In the meantime, let's start another "reply-all" email chain!

While we talk about draining the swamp here in Washington DC, the employees of Britain's National Health System have been swimming in a "reply-all" email chain! A test email was apparently sent by mistake to more than one million NHS employees, and the email chain has taken on a life of its own.

Business Insider reports that, at last count, at least 120 replies had been made to the "reply-all" thread, which adds up to -- get this! -- 140 million useless emails sent in reply between NHS employees. Yikes. NHS employees have a fever, and that fever is for more delete buttons!

Enough Already!
Many of us have been there, watching a "reply-all" email thread devolve into an increasingly bitter (and occasionally very funny) internal company exchange that goes on and on, and typically goe…

Chill Out, Study Finds Career Success Can Happen At Any Age

Can we have the biggest success of our career at the tender age of 70? Yes, and a new study tells us why.

Researchers looked at the published papers of more than 10,000 scientists with 20+-year careers in physics, chemistry, economics, ecology, neuroscience, and other scientific fields. If you know anything about scientists, then you know that their overall career success highly correlates to the number of published papers they have, as well as how often these papers are cited by fellow published scientists.

But what leads to long-term success, and when is success most likely to happen? Is it just luck, is it productivity, or is it the result of a sustained impact over time?

It turns out that success is random over our lifespan, which means our best work can be theoretically attainable at age 25, or age 75! As this article explains:

The research, published on Thursday in the journal Science, found that the timing of producing high-impact papers is completely random, it means …

Here's A Look at Eye Care Coverage Around the World

Do you need glasses, but you don't have eye care coverage?

Then you might want to look the other way for a minute, because we're going to discuss a new global ranking of countries that make it easy to see an eye doctor!

British online optician Mister Spex has released The World Eye Care Coverage Index, which offers some insight into eye care access in 65 countries.

Before we get to the list, however, it's important to mention how necessary eye care can be for people around the globe. The World Health Organization estimates 929 million people worldwide will be living with some sort a vision impairment by 2020 -- a full 27% increase since 2010!

A study by the Brien Holden Vision Institute, the South Wales Australia University and the Eye Research Institute in Singapore, meanwhile, predicts more than 4.1 billion people around the world will have myopia** by 2050. (In comparison, 1.4 billion people globally were myopic in 2001.)

Poor eyesight can be costly, leading to an e…

Let's (Not) Do Lunch! When Colleagues Blow Off Meetings

Do you work with somebody who suggests having meetings that never happen?

Whether this co-worker proposes a one-on-one meeting or a working lunch, you've learned something: this co-worker seems to be all talk, and no action!

The non-committal, calendar-challenged colleague is impossible to pin down -- even when the meeting was their own idea! A quick lunch should be an easy proposition, but clearly it's not in this case. Let's have a meeting of the minds regarding our no-show co-workers!

Table For One: When A Colleague Stands You Up
You've just been stood up by a colleague again. What is going on here?

Maybe your colleague feels overwhelmed, or is simply trying to make conversation by suggesting meetings that will never happen. Perhaps this colleague feels guilty for totally ghosting you last month, and now feels compelled to keep dangling the idea of re-scheduling it. But they don't seem serious about it. Why can't these colleagues stop making fake invitation…