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Managers, Just Offer Job Applicants a Pane Sandwich Already

If you had two job offers on the table, which company would you choose: the one that offers free food, or the one that does not?

A new employee survey from ezCater tells us that more than two-thirds of employees would bite at the job offer from the company that feeds its employees!

Hey, we can't all work at Google with its organic cafeterias, fleet of colorful bicycles and interview questions even its former CEO can't answer. Then again, Google is in California, where the produce is always fresh because that's where it's grown. Whenever I visit California, I go to the grocery store with the express purpose of standing between the oranges and nectarines to admire their perfect symmetry and lack of bruising. The produce there is, quite simply, incredible.

But back to the ezCater survey of more than 1,000 employees. Good coffee is a good perk, apparently! Nearly one-third of employees surveyed said their employer provides food at least once a month to employees, but near…

68% of Employers Expect To Hire Only Contractors By 2025

As you've probably heard, IBM is promising to hire 25,000 working professionals in the United States over the next four years. That's awesome news!

But what percentage of these jobs will be full-time, in-house positions?

A new Randstad US study** finds the majority of employees surveyed (70%) expect to be employed in an "agile" capacity over the next eight years, and the majority of employers surveyed (68%) expect to offer only "agile" jobs. The study also finds as much as 50% of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of "agile" workers by 2019.

What does "agile" mean? It means being a contractor, a consultant, a temporary employee or a freelancer. Think "gig" economy, or, if you're a Gen Xer like me, think "free agent nation." And C-suite leaders are apparently very interested in the idea of a permanently "on-call" U.S. workforce:

One of the most compelling findings that emerged from the study is the proj…

Most of Us Would Keep Working If We Suddenly Got Rich

The other day, my grade schooler asked me: "What would you do if you suddenly had a billion dollars?"

Hmm. For many of us, the answer would be a variation on a theme. We would quit our jobs, pay off our mortgage and other bills, take some nice trips, buy some nice things and donate a percentage to charity. Perhaps we would start a foundation in a loved one's name.

No matter what we decide to do, however, we would no longer be obligated to work another day in our lives, unless we wanted a cabinet-level position in the Trump administration.

But could the average employee really walk away from work for good if they won the lottery tomorrow? A new University of Florida business study finds most employees and entrepreneurs who come into a sudden windfall of cash can't deal with not working! It's like selling your company for mega bucks and then ending up as a skeptical investment shark on ABC's Shark Tank. Bring on your innovative Post-It note ideas!

Sure, the …

Dealing With Lying Co-workers In the Post-Fact Workplace

You've caught your co-worker in another lie, and you're wondering what to do about it. Let's get honest about the co-worker who has a shaky relationship with the truth in a post-fact world!

Another day, another lie. Maybe the lie is uttered by the water cooler, in a meeting or at your desk. Perhaps it's an outright lie of breathtaking proportion, or it's simply another extremely hyperbolic "exaggeration" of the facts.

Sometimes, the lies are big and sometimes the lies are small. You scratch your head wondering why on earth this co-worker would lie about something where the simple truth would easily suffice. Did you really need to lie to me about where you buy your groceries? Why?

Perhaps this co-worker is a habitual liar, or a narcissist? Perhaps they like to lie for the thrill of it? Don't blame Dame Judy Dench, though. She's a national treasure. She wouldn't shoplift just to see if she can get away with it! No lie, Tracey Ullman deserves an…

How To Find Some Certainty In Very Uncertain Times

I haven't blogged much lately. Why? Well, I've been feeling, in a word, uncertain. Uncertain about the future, and wondering what is going to happen.

Our president-elect wants to keep us in suspense, when that's the last thing we need right now. Speaking only for myself, I don't need more suspense; 2016 has already provided all the suspense I can handle! This year has left me mentally exhausted. What I'm looking for now is certainty, and the feeling that all will be well.

Doing Business in Uncertain Times
I raised the topic with someone I know, who mentioned the uncertainty they're feeling at work lately. A lot of questions hang in the air, and projects are on the back burner until they can get a better sense of what might happen in the coming weeks, or months. The mood seems to be: let's wait and see what happens.

For example, will the new overtime regulations that just went into effect be repealed weeks from now with the stroke of a pen? Will regulations…