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I'm Outta Here! 18 Workplace Events that Make Employees Quit

Can you pinpoint the exact moment you decided to quit a particular job? That moment when you said to yourself: "I just can't do this anymore"?

A recent Tickld article asked 30 employees to share a work moment where it became crystal clear they would have to quit. And boy, do these employees have some jaw-dropping, and occasionally sad, stories to tell.

What Makes Employees Suddenly Decide to Quit
It turns out there are common threads of a shared employee quitting experience! There are key moments in workplace time where we as employees can mentally throw in the towel and decide it's time to move on, right now. Without further delay -- because I know you need to quit reading this and get back to work -- here are 18 workplace events that can make employees decide to quit (and sometimes, right on the spot):

1. Getting a new manager. The new boss is not same as the old boss, and this job is just not working out anymore! Maybe it's a personality clash, or perhaps it&#…

Survey Finds Employees of All Ages Suck at Using Social Media

Think you have the social media skills to pay the bills?

Maybe your company's social media manager does, but he or she might be too busy worrying about how to respond should our POTUS say something bad about the company on Twitter! Too bad a new study finds nobody else at work knows how to use social media very well yet. In 2017.

When it comes to social media use at work, we're still faking it until we make it to the end of the work day. Harvard Business Review research explored the gap between social media use on the job and the social media training employees receive. HBR surveyed people at 2,100 companies. What did HBR learn?

Hashtag this, everyone: only 12% of companies surveyed think they are using social media effectively, and it's leading to lost opportunities and lost revenue! HBR also found that employees of all ages (yes, even the Millennials) are having trouble using social media to best effect on the job.

Ugh. We're all just a bunch of Tripps and Tylers …

Wednesday Workplace News Round-up

The news cycle is spinning out of control, and we can't stop paying attention even while we work.

So I'll go ahead and add a workplace news round-up to this morning's hot mess of breaking news. Here are a few workplace-related headlines making news this morning:

CEOs from Target, Best Buy, J.C. Penney and other retailers will trek to the White House today to discuss tax reform and infrastructure.

New, tiny office sensors know when you leave your desk. Employers say they're using them for energy efficiency reasons. Sure.

Sentiment analysis, meanwhile, is telling employers exactly how happy employees are in their jobs. Hey, why not just ask them? Talk is cheap(er)!

Confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for Labor Secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder, the CEO of Hardee's and Carl's Jr.**

Americans' overall stress level has suddenly skyrocketed for the first time in ten years. Wow, I wonder why.

Secret-sharing website Whisper has an on-going thread where employees are …

Happy Valentine's Day, Your Office Romance is Inappropriate

Happy Valentine's Day! As you watch your co-worker purr over her potted ursine garden, here's something to take to heart: 1 in 5 employees in a new survey think somebody at work is engaged in an inappropriate office relationship!

Seattle-based leadership development and training company Fierce, Inc. surveyed more than 1,000 people for their views on office romance. Because nothing says "I love you" like cold, hard data!

Let's start with friendship, which is where all great romances begin! It turns out nearly three-fourths of those surveyed (74%) consider their co-workers to be their friends. As in, they really do like their co-workers as people. That's wonderful. It's nice when colleagues can get along. Things progress from there.

However, one in five surveyed said they work with someone who has engaged in an office romance that was unsuitable, unfitting, unbefitting, unbecoming, unseemly, improper, impolite -- just go ahead and pick your own synonym for…

Elon Musk: Employees Will Need High Bandwidth Brains to Compete with Robots

Artificial intelligence. No, I'm not talking about the know-it-all in the office who actually doesn't know anything.

I'm talking about computers that can do our jobs better and faster than we can! And Tesla/Space X CEO Elon Musk thinks human employees will need some sort of "high-bandwidth interface to the brain" in order to stay relevant in the artificially-intelligent workplace of the future.

If we humans can't upgrade our brains somehow, HR could morph into AIR and human employees will become irrelevant. Irrelevant, I assume, means unemployed. We will then spend our days floating around aimlessly like the human characters in Wall-E, and presumably living off a guaranteed universal income because we having nothing better to do.

Here's what Mr. Musk told an audience at the World Government Summit in Dubai, according to CNBC:

"Some high bandwidth interface to the brain will be something that helps achieve a symbiosis between human and machine intell…

Sad! All the Trump Talk at Work is Hurting our Productivity

A new employee survey finds talking about you-know-who at work is hurting our productivity levels lately. Let's all meet by the virtual water cooler to #discuss!

That's right: All the Trump talk at work is dragging down our numbers, according to a new survey from software firm BetterWorks and Wakefield Research. Wakefield surveyed 500 U.S. adult employees on behalf of BetterWorks, and found that a whopping 87% are reading "political social media posts" during the workday.

BetterWorks equates all this screen time to -- get this! -- TWO HOURS LOST DURING THE WORK DAY. Why? In case it's not obvious, we're highly distracted by The Donald. Forget office politics; we're too busy discussing Washington DC politics!

Additional work time is being lost because we must then discuss what has been said so far today (and it's only 11 a.m.). The survey reveals nearly three-fourths of employees (73%) are talking politics frequently with their colleagues in recent we…

When Co-workers Brag about their Gifted Child

Gifted. It's become a loaded term for parents everywhere. By third grade, we're told whether or not our child is a fledgling genius or is decidedly...average. We're either in or we're out. Of the gifted program, that is.

Now we're sitting around the average workplace lunch table with a few other working parents. We casually mention how our child seems to be struggling with some aspect of school when a co-worker suddenly utters the seven dreaded words of the modern parenting age:

My child is in the gifted program.

Boom. Why did our co-worker have to say this?

Hmm. I've watched it happen, and I think it usually comes from a place of subtle insecurity. It's not hard to see where the insecurity stems from, either. Many K-12 parents are feeling tremendous pressure in an era of stupid, non-stop standardized testing to push their children ahead on schoolwork at every turn. Our economy, where fields such as medicine and law no longer carry the same cache in the age …

Is Your Overly-Complicated Coffee Order Keeping You from Getting the Job?

You like lattes. A lot. You also have an upcoming job interview that will take place at a coffee shop.

Yay! To you, it seems like the best of both worlds: you get to interview for a job while enjoying your favorite, personalized hot beverage! But could your coffee order keep you from getting the job?

Consider this tip brewed up today in Canada's Globe and Mail:

Coffee is the new lunch: Lunch takes a long time and is a hassle. These days, set up coffee meetings. You can fit four or five in during a day (compared to one lunch) and all around you will be other people doing deals and other important business. But be careful what you order. [An interviewer] was at a Starbucks interviewing somebody who ordered such a complicated drink – it seemed to have 10 parts – that he wondered if she would be too high maintenance. In the end, he didn’t hire her. Order simply – and with lunch freed, use the time to get real work done.
Is it true? Could your coffee order help blow your chances of ge…

When a Co-worker Wants You to Run their Meeting

A co-worker has invited you to their meeting. Now you're sitting in the meeting, and this co-worker seems to be looking to you to lead it. Uh, oh.

You were under the mistaken impression that you would be a mere meeting participant, not the meeting's lead facilitator! But this co-worker sits at the top of the conference room table, looking to you and...waiting. Waiting, ahem, for you to take over the meeting for them. Hint, hint. What is taking you so long?

Maybe you feel unprepared to take the reins. It's much more likely, however, that you feel more than prepared to take the reins as an established "gray hair" of the group -- and this is precisely why the employee is looking to you for help!

Suddenly, you feel like Harrison Ford's character, Jack Trainer, in that scene from the movie Working Girl where Katherine Parker asks Jack to help her out of a tough spot and he shakes his head no. Your meeting situation isn't nearly as dramatic or under-handed, bu…

Employers Will Continue to Ramp Up Robotic Workforce in 2017

A new 2017 Talent Trends Report from talent solutions company Randstad Sourceright finds 25% of businesses have ramped up automation and robotics in the past 12 months. Let's go through the motions as robots come to take all our jobs!

That's right: the robotic revolution is in full swing. As we talk about bringing jobs back, we're somehow not talking about those sneaky robots who never need sick days, never complain, never make a mess in the break room, never ask for a raise, and never ask for family leave. Robots are hard to compete with, unless you're a complete workaholic who never misses a day of work.

So what are employers' thoughts on issues ranging from talent to technology in 2017? Randstad looked into it and predicts change in the following key areas:

Talent Mobilization: Eighty-one percent of companies surveyed say that talent scarcity will affect their business, and 70 percent have rising expectations of their workers.

Embracing Technology: Seventy-seven …

Should Super Bowl Monday Become a National Holiday?

It's the morning after the Super Bowl, but where are your co-workers? Oh, that's right: they're at home recouperating from their game-related hangover! Now the question is, why are you at work?

This question has surely crossed the minds of prompt employees like a Doug Flutie Hail Mary pass thrown in the last seconds of a big game. In fact, statistics show over 16 million people call in sick or just don’t show up to work the day after the Super Bowl. Don't worry, your co-workers will show up in a few hours -- just as soon as the fluorescent lighting no longer hurts their eyes.

Monday, SMunday
As you may have heard, condiment-maker-to-the-masses Heinz has anticipated the consequences and is marching this employee issue straight down the field and into the end zone by designating Super Bowl Monday as a day off for employees!

But Heinz is slathering on the HR goodness by also starting a petition on to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday for ev…