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The Millennials Are Convinced They'll Retire by Age 59

Ah, the sweet life of a retiree. Sleeping in, traveling, relaxing, playing tennis, watching cable news, and losing track of time until you're eventually eating dinner at 4 p.m. And you've earned every minute of it!

I know this isn't modern retirement for many; I'm simply reminiscing about the retirement years of my WWII-era parents, who did, in fact, eat dinner at 4 p.m. while they watched Crossfire on CNN. Then Mom would retire to her own TV to watch Matlock re-runs while Dad would tell me to sit down and watch The Lawrence Welk Show (trust me, I'd seen every episode) to hear some "good" music for a change. Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, goodnight. Good memories.

That's how life goes when you are 23 and your parents are in their early 70s and giving you gently-used typewriters for graduate school. But that's not why you're reading this post. No, you're reading this post because you can't believe the Millennials actually think they…

On Administrative Professionals Day, Let's Give Them the Gift of Respect

News flash: today is National Administrative Professionals Day, the day when we honor all the hard-working employees who answer phones, file paperwork, schedule meetings and babysit their co-workers' children.

Sure, there are many gifts managers could buy for the administrative assistant, from food to flowers to Friday off. But forget flowers; what the average administrative assistant really wants is more respect from their colleagues! So let's treat our administrative assistants like the smart, talented, team-oriented employees they are, only we can do it every day of the year. Here are ten tips for giving the hard-working administrative assistant the respect they deserve all year round:

1. Don't interrupt them on the phone. You need the admin's attention right now, but you can hold on a minute while they put somebody on hold or transfer a call. Don't wave your arms frantically to get their attention, don't mouth your words, and never talk with your fingers. Y…

Employees, Your Boss's Smartphone is Really Bumming You Out

Trying to have a conversation with a significant other who drifts off into their smartphone is bad enough, but a new study finds it's equally as bad when the smartphone addict is our boss!

Um, did you just say something? Yes, you did, but your boss didn't hear it because he or she was too busy "phubbing." Phubbing? It's a word coined from "phone" and "snubbing," and it turns out the average phubbing boss can be almost as pitiful as the parents immersed in their smartphones as their children attempt to talk to them over lunch at a fast-casual restaurant! Paying attention is a conscious decision we make to signal to somebody else that they are worth our time, respect and momentary dedication. Otherwise, we look like this.

Dr. James Roberts, a professor of marketing at Baylor University and author of Too Much Of A Good Thing: Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?, has been exploring the impact of managerial phubbing on employee…