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Zip It! Should You Tell a Co-worker About a Wardrobe Malfunction?

You're walking around the office when you realize the back of your skirt has been tucked into your tights for the last hour or so.

Not one of your co-workers said boo about it, either. Let's talk about the co-workers who keep their mouths zipped when our zipper is unzipped!

Wardrobe malfunctions -- as well as crumbs, stains and makeup mistakes -- happen to all of us. We tend to have only one reaction when we realize we've been parading around with egg on our face: Why didn't any of my co-workers bother to tell me?

It's a good question. I've certainly appreciated the friends and co-workers who were brave enough to say, "You have jam on your face" or "You have a long thread hanging down the back of your shirt." Thank you so much for telling me. I really do appreciate being told when I am falling apart at the seams.

But what's up with our co-workers who remain disinclined to tell us that we have a big, neon "Size XL" sticker stil…

Psst, Your Co-workers Aren't Washing Their Hands in the Restroom

You're washing your hands in the company restroom when a fellow co-worker emerges from a stall. You try to speed up your hand washing process to make room for this co-worker at the sink, but she walks out of the restroom without washing her hands. Ew, now what?

A recent Bradley Corporation survey plunges into the nasty truth about employees' poor hand washing habits at work. Of more than 1,000 U.S. adults surveyed, 61% have watched a co-worker leave the company restroom without washing their hands -- a nearly 20% increase over the same survey in 2016!

It All Comes Out In the Wash (Or Not)
Why are so many employees putting their dirty hands in the air like they just don't care? Well, I have three working theories, and here they are:

Theory #1: Employees think it takes too long. Wash their hands? Hey, they're running late to a meeting. There's no time to observe the 20-second washing rule right now. Maybe later.

Theory #2: Employees can't deal with broken equipment.…

Tsk, Task: When Co-workers Feud Over Job Descriptions

You walk to the copier at work and find it's out of paper. Again. That's because the two co-workers tasked with taking turns to refill it now refuse to do it.

Congratulations, you are caught between two co-workers who are trying to prove a point to each other. And that point is: it isn't my job, it's your job! In the process, they manage to make it everyone else's job.

So you do what any mature co-worker does. You shake your head and put more paper in the copier. It's a thankless job, but somebody has to do it. Have you just added another responsibility to your job description, though?

When Two Work Peers Won't Budge
Now replace copier paper with dirty dishes in the break room sink, taking turns answering the office phone when the receptionist is out, filing, sorting, emptying, putting office chairs back where we found them, replacing the toilet paper roll, returning emails, handling a difficult customer, ordering office supplies, putting gas in the company…

Help Make the Workplace Diva Blog Better

I've taken many weeks off from my workplace blog. Because summer, because kids. I won't bore you with the details, because you come here to read about working at the office.

Taking some time away this summer got me thinking about how I might make this workplace blog better, and I would love reader feedback. Which topics would you like to see covered more often, or less often? Would you like to see more interviews on this blog? Book reviews? Product reviews? Spot news? A different layout? I will appreciate your ideas and suggestions.

In the meantime, my thoughts go out to the people of Houston, Texas. It's inspiring to see stories of people looking out for each other. We truly are a great country.

Thank again for reading my workplace blog. Cheers, Chris