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Night Howl: When Early Birds Run the Team's Schedule

It's 6 a.m. on a Monday morning, and you're already sitting in a meeting.

You know, the Monday morning meeting that used to start at a very manageable 10 a.m. -- until somebody decided that 10 o'clock was way too late. Night owls, it's time to call a time out on morning meeting creep!

"Morning meeting creep" is when meetings keep moving earlier and earlier in the day. Ah, the days where you could slap the snooze button a few times as the sun was coming up! Now you're sipping a cup of coffee and logging into Skype for the 5 a.m. team round-up. You're online before the first Trump tweet of the day. How on earth did this happen?

I'll tell you exactly how it happened: The crack 'o dawn people have gotten their mitts on the team's scheduling process, and the night owls on the team are paying the price. Your Fitbit sleep stats are screaming at you to get more sleep, but the early birds would like to push the weekly team meet even earlier to get…

Non-stop holiday music could hurt employees' mental health

The holidays are here, and for many employees it means the same holiday song play list on repeat loop all day long, for weeks on end. Now some psychologists are warning these repetitious, 24/7 holiday melodies could be hurting employees' mental health!

Holiday music can put customers into the right buying mindset, but too much holiday music exposure can send employees right up the wall. It's easy to see why many employee could feel a bit at loose ends by mid-December. They are a captive audience to the same old holiday songs, played all day long, over and over again, for up to two months.

Pipedown, a British group that seeks more silence in public, estimates that some store employees will hear "Jingle Bells" blaring over the workplace speakers up to 300 times before Christmas Day. Do you hear what I hear, indeed.

Where can employees go to escape another round of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"? They can't leave the sales floor, and they can&#…

Dealing with Co-workers Who Always Fish for Advice (Then Refuse to Take It)

Your co-worker has a dilemma and seems to be fishing for advice. So, being the nice co-worker you are, you kindly offer some handy advice. But all you get from this co-worker is an icy, cold glare.

"I know," this co-worker says in an irritated tone of voice. "I'm doing it this way."

What? No more than a minute ago, this co-worker didn't know what on earth to do. This co-worker was having a Shakespearean "to be or not to be" professional soliloquy as the two of you stood at the copier. This co-worker was definitely fishing for advice, and, like a good knowledge worker, you shared your knowledge in an effort to abate this co-worker's quandary.

You were just trying to be helpful, but now this co-worker seems vaguely upset and inclined to ignore your advice completely. What just happened here?

I Didn't Ask For Your Advice!
At some point in your career, you will work with the I-want-your-advice-but-don't-want-your-advice co-worker who is…

Four in Five U.S. Employers Will Give Employees Paid Thanksgiving Off

Do you get a four-day Thanksgiving weekend this year? If so, you're not alone: four in five U.S. employers will be giving employees a few paid days off!

Hey, those Black Friday fights don't happen in a vacuum; we need to be out of the office and actually blocking the discount vacuums for them to happen. Bloomberg Law's annual Thanksgiving Holiday Practices Survey tells us that 78% of U.S. employees will be given Thanksgiving and Black Friday off -- with pay!

However, exactly one-third (33%) of employees will be stuck at the office on Thanksgiving Day. Employees in the service/maintenance sector are the most likely to be working on Thanksgiving Day, followed by employees in the security/public safety sector. These sectors are followed by technical, professional, managerial/supervisory, sales/customer service, production, and office clerical.

The bigger the company, the more likely employees will be putting in some work time over the holiday weekend. When they'…

Study Reveals Remote Workers Feel Left Out at Work

A new study of more than 1,100 global remote workers finds they're living up their name. Remote workers do feel remote. In fact, they can feel shunned, and avoided, by their in-office colleagues!

Thanks to technology, employees can work anywhere now. They probably get more done that way, too. But an emotional price is paid for this lofty level of freedom. Many remote workers think their colleagues in the office are shortchanging and backstabbing them, big time! They feel left out, and left behind.

But wait an ironic minute: technology is supposed to bring us together, isn't it? We can Skype and Slack our way to remote worker inclusion! Or can we? According to the researchers' article in the Harvard Business Review:

We polled 1,153 employees, and 52% said they work, at least some of the time, from their home office. And when they do, many feel their colleagues don’t treat them equally. Remote employees are more likely to report feeling that colleagues mistreat them and leav…

Employees Fear Making Phone Calls in Front of Co-workers

There's a client emergency that requires a quick response, and your manager tells you to pick up the phone and call the client right away.

Suddenly, you're seized with fear. Your palms start to sweat. Your heart begins to pound. You have to make a phone call in front of your co-workers and it's freaking you out!

Hey, we all have our personal hang ups, right? All hail the scariest sound in corporate America.

You are not alone: a new survey of British office workers by Powwownow finds that having to make a phone call in front of co-workers is our second-biggest fear at work!

Calling Out a Workplace Problem
Our biggest fear, in case you're curious, is having to give a co-worker negative feedback, which we find a way to phone in somehow. But having to actually pick up the phone in front of our co-workers to talk to a real, live working professional on the other end? So, so scary.

More than one-third of employees surveyed (36%) find the prospect of talking on the phone i…