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Five Tips For Dealing with Smartphone-Addicted Teammates

You're in a meeting when the teammate next to you whispers the five most annoying words in the modern workplace lexicon: "What did she just say?"

Your co-worker, who only a few seconds ago couldn't be pulled away from an invigorating round of Super Mario Run on his smartphone, realizes that he missed something important. Now he's looking to you to fill in the blanks. You very kindly do, but now you've both missed something even more important. Grrr!

This happens in every meeting, too. Why can't your co-worker put the phone down for a few freaking minutes, and how do you get out of this poor feedback loop?

What Did They Just Say?
The technology-distracted teammate who always misses key details in meetings is a sign of the times we're living through, unfortunately. Attention spans are already short thanks to memes, Vines and other short-burst ways of communicating. If it can't be said in 15 words or less, then we're losing everyone in …