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Do You Feel Overpaid For the Work You Do?

I'm back from a very long, self-imposed hiatus. Long story, too many words, and you don't come here to hear me complain. No, you come here for quirky workplace insights that are either priceless or worth a dime a dozen, depending on the day.

On the topic of worth, you might be interested in a new report from staffing firm Robert Half that surveyed more than 2,800 U.S. workers about their paychecks. Perhaps not surprisingly, 46% surveyed feel underpaid by their employers, while 49% feel paid fairly for the work they do.

But these two numbers add up to 95%. What's going on with the remaining 5% of employees? Well, they think they are -- wait for it -- overpaid!

Yes, there are those texting and typing among us who think they earn too much money for what they do. These few-and-far between co-workers come to work and think, "The money's too good around here!" as they phone it in on their new iPhone, or whatever. You may not know this co-worker, except m…